Our Upcoing Services

Cikitsa International is working to make everyone's live easy.That's Why We are on-boarding some more facalities. Soon everyone around the globe will be able to take these services from our website and mobile app

Cikitsa International is an online based medical service provider, which aims to care for you like you are our own. Cikitsa International started its journey in mid-2020, with an ambition to cater to patients’ need to travel abroad for treatment. Right from its inception Cikitsa International vowed to provide the best service to its patients and make their visa process, traveling, hotel booking, consultation, diagnosis, and treatment completely hassle-free. Despite being initially based in Bangladesh & India, within a very short span of time Cikitsa International has opened its doors to several other countries like Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia and adding more countries to its bucket successfully to serve their patients. Cikitsa International offers medical visa invitations, ticket booking, hotel booking, airport pick & drop, doctor appointments, doctor consultation, and online consultation services with verified and certified doctors. Cikitsa International is focused on expanding access to affordable healthcare services. We promise to improve our solutions through our technology. Our passionate team is committed to excellence and works extremely hard to ensure we make a positive contribution to the healthcare of the future.

  1. Online Pharmacy

    Now you can order medicine from us.

  2. Report Review

    Cikitsa International helps its patients with their report review from their desired doctors and also provides cost estimation for the treatment needed and also for traveling.

  3. Ticket Booking

    Cikitsa International also offers ticket booking & travel package booking services to ease all the hassles for their patients.

  4. Airport Pick & Drop

    Cikitsa International offers free airport pick & drop services for their patients who travel for the medical purpose taking their services.